Why get an inspection?

Whether you're in the market to buy a home or possibly selling your own, a home inspection can be extremely valuable.  Knowledge of areas of concern can help you identify what you may want to fix before listing to help sell your home faster and smoother; or it may allow you to enter negotiations with more power.  Buying a home is a large investment and it's an asset that will require constant upkeep.  Knowing what systems will require work in the near future will help you get ahead by allowing knowledgeable financial planning.

Buying a Home?
Selling Your Home?
Thermal Imaging Scans

Protect the largest investment you'll make in your life.  A thorough inspection of a home by a trained professional will be your best tool to keep up with the needs of being a successful homeowner.

Prepare yourself for the market.  An inspection can point out issues with your current home that, if resolved, could save you thousands of dollars and a lot of time by limiting the negotiating power of buyers.

With an added thermal scan of the home, areas that are not visible to the naked eye (or behind walls) can sometimes jump out at you.  Moisture issues are the biggest concern that a thermal imaging scan might catch, but it will also show areas of poor insulation and air leakage in the home as well.

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